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McCormack-Mitchell won all Saturday’s stages and leading Historic Acropolis Rally! 5 minutes behind the leaders follow Italians, Pierangioli-Farnocchia, with Ernie and Karen Graham being third. Kovarik jnr-Kapic are in the fourth place ahead of Stafilopatis-Chatzirigas and Guignard-Meffre.


McCormack-Mitchell are leading the rally with a margin of more than 3 minutes. Italians Pierangioli-Farnocchia are gaining experience, driving first time the Sierra on gravel. Kovarich jnr-Kapic are fourth ahead of Guignard-Meffre and Stafilopatis-Chatzirigas.


McCormack-Mitchell continue the streak, by winning another Special Stage. Italians Pierangioli-Farnocchia are second in their first attempt outside Italy, with Ernie and Karen Graham remaining third. Fourth are Kovarik jnr-Kapic, feeling no pressure from Guignard-Meffre who follow them. Stafylopatis-Chatzirigas are the fastest Greeks so far in the European race, with Argyriou-Laskos and Papadimitriou-Sigalas behind them.


 After SS7, McCormack-Mitchell are leading, by 3 min 22 secs, over Italians Pierangioli-Farnocchia. Graham-Graham are still on third place, ahead of Kovarik jnr-Kapic. Guignard-Meffre are fifth ahead of Stafilopatis-Chatzirigas. In EHRC, in Category 3, McCormack-Mitchell are on the top and in Category 4 Ernie and Karen Graham are leading.

SS6 PROSSILIO 1 – 30 min Delay

Safe lead for McCormack-Mitchell who set the fastest time in SS6 Prossilio. Pierangioli-Farnocchia are in the second position, knowing that it is not possible to catch the British crew. Ernie and Karen Graham keep the third place, ahead of Kovarik jnr-Kapic and the French Guignard-Meffre who gained 5 places in general classification today. Sixth overall and first among the Greek crews, Stafilopatis-Chatzirigas, ahead of Argiriou-Laskos.
In the SS6, 5.1km, there were trees fallen on the road. The route is cleared and the special stage is about to open with a 30-min delay.


There had been heavy rain in SS5 Parnassos today. McCormack-Mitchell extended their lead and they are still on the top of Historic Acropolis Rally. Pierangioli-Farnocchia are still in second position, more than 2 minutes away from the leaders. Ernie and Karen Graham are still third, ahead of Kovarik jnr-Kapic. Halivelakis-Papageorgiou retired due to mechanical failure. Guignard-Meffre are fifth, ahead of Argiriou-Laskos who are the fastest Greek crew so far. In EHRC, in Category 4, Ernie and Karen Graham are leading and in Category 3, McCormack-Mitchell are the fastest so far. In Category 2, Italians Pasutti-Campeis is the only crew competing.
Crews are now heading to SS6 Prossilio.

SERVICE – Τhe crews left the Service Park and they are heading to the 6 Special Stages of Leg 2.