News & Articles Historic Acropolis Rally 2023 – Regularity: History is rewritten in the greek nature!

It is not only the 70 years of History of the Acropolis Rally that are being celebrated this year. It is not only the characteristics that make the rally unique in the world, such as the start from the Acropolis of Athens and the routes in the Greek nature, with the unspoiled landscapes that are a good reason to visit our country. It is not only the opportunity given to the owners but also to the friends of Historic cars, to enjoy the participation and the spectacle of the rare racing cars of the past. The Ceremonial Start of the rally from the Acopolis, the carefully selected and organized Special Stages, the Award Ceremony in the 2023 European Capital of Culture, Elefsina, together with the Historic Sporting race. constitute a real “time machine” of image and sound, returning to the 60s and 70s, when the Acropolis Rally was launching into the European Rally scene.

So it is not just each of the above but ALL together, the reason why the 2023 Historic Acropolis Rally is a unique Regularity event and a precision race of high standards, which everyone should have in his palmare.

The Historic Acropolis Rally Regularity will start from the Acropolis and from the new ASN (OMAE) ramp together with the Sporting cars, on Friday November 3rd at 11:00.

On this first day, and in its first part, the crews will pass through Fyli, Pyli and Erythres to reach Thebes, having completed the first two Special stages, where there will be a short regrouping with an offer of refreshments and coffee. The route will then pass through Lefktra, Ellopia, Thisvi, Agia Anna, Kyriaki and Distomo and the cars will end up after a total of 225 km and seven Special Stages in Amfikleia where regrouping will take place. With the night falling, the last two Night Special Stages will take place and the crews will cover the last 68 kilometers of the route, to finish in Itea via Gravia and Amfissa. In total, the first day will cover 293 km with 9 Special Trials.

On Saturday, November 4, the start will be given from Itea at 09:00 and the crews will cover 165 km until the Regrouping that will take place at the Oiti’s Refuge. The route of Saturday’s First Leg will pass through Pendeoria, Lidoriki, Athanasios Diakos to reach the Oiti’s Refuge. After regrouping, the route includes Pavliani, Bralos, Kaloskopi, Prosilio with the finish in Itea taking place at 18:00 (first car), after 275 km and 10 Special tests (in total).

On Sunday 5 November, the third and last day of the race, the start from Itea will be given at 09:00 and the crews will pass through Eptalofos, Polydrosos, Haironia, Kyriaki, Agia Anna, Plataies and Erythres, to reach Vilia, where regrouping will take place. In the last part of the race, the route passes through Psatha, Alepochori, Hani and Megara, to finish in Elefsina at 16:00, after 296 km and 8 Special Trials (in total).

The award ceremony and the gala dinner of the participants will take place in the Cultural Capital of Europe 2023, Elefsina, with the care and solemnity that befits both the race and the city.

The length of the Historic Acropolis Regularity Rally 2023 is approximately 864 km with 27 special tests, divided into 3 legs and 7 sections. You can find the Supplementary Regulations and the entry form on the official website of the race ( Entries will be accepted until Friday, October 27.