News & Articles Historic Acropolis Rally 2023 Following the spirit of the old Acropolis Rallies!

This year, one of the most iconic rallies of the World Rally Championship, the modern Acropolis Rally celebrates 70 years! The 2023 edition of the Historic Acropolis Rally is going to follow well known special stages that were used in Acropolis Rallies of the past.

The Historic Acropolis Rally is making a comeback to the FIA European Historic Rally Championship from the 3rd till the 5th of November and preparations are gaining momentum. Centre of the rally will be the town of Itea.

With almost 100 days away from the start of the rally, the Organizing Committee reveals the first information about the route and the Special Stages of the Sporting category. The route follows the footsteps of older Acropolis Rallies, where top drivers had great battles for the win.

Like last year, teams will be free to make changes to the car after the end of each special stage.

The Ceremonial Start will take place on Friday 3 November, under the Acropolis and with the Parthenon in the background. The crews will directly head to the village called Dervenochoria for the first Special Stage of the rally, SS “Skourta”. “Thiva” and “Elikonas” Special Stages will follow before the Regrouping in the city of Itea. The first day will finish with the 4th Special Stage of the rally, the night stage, called “Bauxites”.

After the overnight stay at Itea’s Parc Ferme, on Saturday 4 November, competitors will head to Livadi for the 5th Special Stage, called “Parnassos”. Afterwards, they will head to Amfissa and to Special Stage 6, “Prosilio”, and then again to “Bauxites” for the 7th Special Stage of the rally.

Next stages will be again Special Stage “Parnassos” and Special Stage “Prosilio” before the regrouping again in Itea. Second day will conclude with the second night Special Stage (10th) of the rally, “Karoutes”.

On Sunday 5 November, competitors will start their route to Distomo for the 11th Special Stage, called “Steiri”. Then, they will cross the traditional village of Analipsi in order to start Special Stage 12, called “Livadia”, before repeating “Thiva”, a Special Stage used also on Friday (13th Special Stage) and finishing after Special Stage 14, called “Dafnoula”.

After 14 Special Stages, another innovation of the Historic Rally Acropolis 2023 awaits the competitors, as the finish and the Award Ceremony to the winners of the rallies, both European and national one, will be held in Elefsina – the cultural capital of Europe for 2023.

It is noted that although the seventy-year history of the Acropolis Rally is inextricably linked to the harshness of the Greek soil, the Special Stages of the Historic Acropolis Rally 2023 are shorter in length and specially adapted for Historic cars.

The Historic Acropolis Rally 2023 is picking up the pace, for an anniversary event worthy of the history of the most glorious Greek rally. Stay tuned, for all the information, through the official website of the event:

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