News & Articles HAR 2022 LIVE Results & Updates – Day 2

The second day of the Historic Acropolis Rally will see the crews competing on 5 Special Stages for their return from Itea to Athens for the Finish Ceremony at Athens’ Zappeion Megaron. You can see below all the results and updates from Sunday:

Sporting // SS7 (Amfissa)
The 2nd day of HAR22 started with the continued domination of Konstantinos Pitsos – Stelios Karapapazis (Ford Sierra Cosworth 4×4 / E4), who won their 7th victory in an equal number of Stages and extended their lead to 3:27. Amfissa Special was stopped due to a mechanical failure and the subsequent fire of the VW Golf GTI of Alexandros Christodoulou – Athanasios Samaras. After the short break, the last 4 cars of Sporting and the 4 cars of the Legends race started the Stage. Those who had already entered the SS will receive a notioanl time. As a result, SS8 “Stromi” will start at 11:26. In the Regrouping that follows the Rally will return to its original Schedule. During the Stage, Karellis-Machairas (Peugeot 205 Rallye) and Georgakopoulos-Sigala (Toyota Corola AE 86) also retired due to mechanical issues.

Sporting – SS7 Results

Legends – SS7 Results

Sporting // ED8 (Stromi)
Constantly first and fastest, Pitsos-Karapapazis (Ford Sierra Cosworth 4×4 / E4) further expanded their lead. Panagiotis Paradisis – Costas Poimenidis (Ford Escort Mk2 RS / D3) are having a lone rally in 2nd place, while Giorgos Paradisis – Michalis Frangou (Ford Escort Mk2 RS2000) climbed to 3rd, taking advantage of the problems that cost Halivelakis-Papageorgiou (Ford Escort Mk2 RS2000) almost 17 minutes in Amfissa and the retirement of Petridis-Pallas (Toyota Corola AE 86) on the liaison after SSS8 due to a problem in the gas pump. In the Legends race, Karanikolas-Kakavas (Ford Escort RS Cosworth) still dominate.

Sporting – SS8 Results

Legends – SS8 Results

Sporting // SS9 (Elatia)
Nothing changed in Elatia. Pitsos-Karapapazis with the
4wd Ford Sierra Cosworth won again to increase their difference at the top to 4:12. Panagiotis and George Paradisis with the two Ford Escorts Mk2 RS follow in the next two positions, all seperated by a big difference between them. Andreas and Giorgos Papageorgiou (Volvo 142 S), 4th in the general classification until then, retired with mechanical issues. Finally, on the way to Elatia, a mechanical problem stopped the beautiful Alpine A110 of Lambros-Kollias.

Sporting – SS9 Results

Legends – SS9 Results

Sporting // SS10 (Distomo)
out of 10 for Pistos-Karapapazis (Ford Sierra Cosworth 4×4 / E4), who are leading by 4:31” and have only one Special to cover before winning this year’s Historic Acropolis Rally. In the next two places, nothing changed for Panagiotis and Giorgos Paradisis, and their co-drivers Costas Pimenidis and Michalis Frangou respectively. The only retirement in SS10 of Distomo, due to mechanical issues of their Talbot Sunbeam Lotus, was of Giamalakis-Mouzakis.

Sporting – SS10 Results

Legends – SS10 Results

Sporting // SS11 (Neochoraki)
Konstantinos Pitsos and his co-driver Stelios Karapapazis, in the Ford Sierra Cosworth 4×4, win the 16th Historic Acropolis Rally 2022
– returning to the top
step 11 years after their victory in the 2011 Gravel HRA. They dominated this year’s event, winning all 11 Special Stages. With their rear-wheel-drive Ford Escorts Mk2 RS, Panagiotis Paradisis – Costas Poimenidis and George Paradisis – Michalis Frangou complete this year’s podium. Stay tuned to for more…

Sporting – SS11 Results

Legends – SS11 Results